Branding for Monetized Messaging

Visual Design

Goal: Design a logo and develop brand guidlines for a messaging app that puts money into receipients hands.

Deliverables: Logo design, brand guidlines.

Wire.me is a messaging service created to place monetary value on someone's time spent in their inbox. If a user wants to message someone outside of their personal sphere they can attach a small amount of money to a message that will be deposited into the recipient's account as soon as they open the message.

For this project we agreed to three rounds of design and revisions. I began by sketching out dozens of thumbnails before moving to illustrator to flesh out my ideas.

Round one consisted of three proposed logos. The client had a clear favorite and chose one to iterate on further. I was asked specifically to focus on different typographic treatments.

At the end of round three, the client had happily signed off on their new logo design. I then started work on a brand guide that would give Wire.me a foundation of color, typographic and imagery options.