Coldwell Banker Bain

Real Estate Search

User Testing + UX + Visual Design

Goal: Create a modern experience that utilizes unique, regional knowledge to compete with more digitally established real estate companies.

Deliverables: User testing, Userflows, wireframes, prototype, UI comps

Coldwell Banker Bain is a local, Northwest real estate company. They reached out to Design Commission looking to revamp their website search functionality. As a part of the Design Commission team I provided user research, prototyping and UI design for this project.

We conducted preliminary user tests on the existing website to discover what users felt was missing from the experience. Using this information we created and tested a series of prototypes showcasing potential design solutions. Among other things, users responded positively to our updated content organization, as well as the introduction of local neighborhood information.

After approval from stakeholders, we took all of the information gathered in research and applied it to our final deliverable of full-detail UI mockups. Our solution provided a clean, well structured experience and at the same time allowed Coldwell Banker Bain to showcase their intimate knowledge of the Northwest real estate market.