Browser Based Server Administration

UX + Visual Design

Goal: Organize and simplify UI for Unix-based desktop and mobile administrative environment and provide a style & pattern guide for future development.

Deliverables: Userflows, wireframes, prototypes, UI design comps, iconography, living style & pattern guide

OpenCommander allows employees to manage their business's servers remotely through any web browser. System administrators will no longer be the only users accessing the system, as a result, OpenCommander needed to have a friendlier, more intuitive user interface.

The OpenCommander team came to Design Commission with a dated build looking strictly for UI improvements. However, after our review, their team agreed to allocate additional time for holistically addressing OpenCommander's UX issues.

After research and ideation, I designed a simple wireframe prototype to demonstrate suggested UX changes and we quickly received approval from all stakeholders. I aimed to optimize OpenCommander's experience by removing superfluous elements, limiting layout variation and grouping common features by functionality.

I worked with DC team members to transition the prototype into full-detail UI mock-ups. These designs were based on new branding guidlines also developed by Design Commission. Our final deliverable was a live style & pattern library that can be applied to all current and future screens for OpenCommander.