Mobile App for Moms

UX + Visual Design

Goal: Create a mobile app that provides timely information for women during pregnancy and motherhood as well as facilitate a stronger engagement between women and their health care provider.

Deliverables: Userflows, wireframes, prototypes, UI designs, style & pattern guide.

Circle is an app produced by Providence's Consumer Innovation Group. The app provides customized information as well as tracking features to support women during pregnancy and motherhood. I was brought on to help Circle transition from a simple proof of concept to a full-featured app. Circle is currently in use by both Providence and Swedish health networks with plans to expand to additional health systems.

One of my first tasks was to design a diaper tracker for mothers to track the health of their newborn baby. The app had several trackers in place already each of them following their own UX patterns. Before starting the diaper tracker, I designed and proposed a unified tracker system that would be introduced with the new diaper tracker. Users would no longer have to adapt to different patterns among the trackers and it would allow for quicker design and implementation of new tracking features.

In addition to the unified tracker system, I advocated for creating an app wide style & pattern guide; this not only gave the Circle team guidelines to follow for issues in the existing app but allows for expansion and implementation of new features with greater ease.

The Circle app is steadily growing and my role has been to research, prototype and design new features for the mobile app as well as the accompanying CMS. Using a combination of Sketch, Marvel and Axure for feature design, I helped our team successfully implement several new features, with plenty more on the horizon.